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Korg Trinity Video Tutorial Set

Korg Trinity Video Tutorial Set
Video Tutorial Lessons Set on DVD or Download
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Total Runtime: 2:25

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Instruction at a fraction of the cost of lessons.
Learn the Korg Trinity in hours, not months!
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This tutorial set is for the Korg Trinity Workstation and gives an in-depth explanation of all of the features, menus, and controls that will bring you to a professional level. You will instantly have the knowledge to edit programs and produce your own music in a concise list of videos that total over 2 hours!

Video Format
Our videos are on region free DVD or download, so virtually any computer can play them without having to worry about NTSC/PAL formatting. For your convenience, each lesson topic is covered in its own separate video clip. This allows the user to more easily navigate, pause, start, and stop the lesson at any point.

About the Author
Paul Duffey is veteran instructor of 13+ years and is a partnering founder and moderator of TritonHaven.com. He is also certified trainer and video content provider for other affiliates such as TechnicalLead.com.


Video Lesson List



1. Exploring the Play/Rec menu (Runtime 18:39mins)
In this comprehensive tutorial Lawrence explains in detail the commands and settings available in the P1: Play/Rec page of the sequencer.

2. Insert & Master Effects menus (Runtime 8:50mins)
Learn the many features and functions of the Trinity's powerful effects processor. Lawrence explains how to select, modify, and assign effects to tracks in your song using both Insert and Master effects.

3. Real-time Drum Recording (Runtime 5:11mins)
In this video Lawrence shows how to record drum tracks using the Trinity's real-time record features. You'll get professional tips that streamline the recording process, along with making your notes on time with the beat.

4. Real-time overdub recording (Runtime 2:31mins)
In this video you'll learn the process to record changes in real time to an existing recording.

5. Quantizing a Measure (Runtime 7:17mins)
Lawrence explains how to properly correct note timing with the Trinity's quantize command. This feature is useful for pulling notes that were played in real time off beat, back into sync.

6. Track Mixing/Looping (Runtime 2:51mins)
Familiarize yourself with the mixer and gain valuable tips for adjusting levels, and recording real-time mixer adjustments into the sequencer.

7. Track Edit Functions (Runtime 5:44mins)
Paul explains the track edit functions available in the Trinity's sequencer. You'll use copy, paste, erase and delete measure functions to construct a song from measures, and groups of measures.

8. Recording Preferences (Runtime 2:59mins)
Learn how to use the Trinity's advanced recording features to record over filter controls to a pre-recorded bass line. This gives the sounds used in your tracks a very custom feel.

9. Step Recording (Runtime 5:08mins)
In this video Paul narrates in detail the settings and steps used to accurately record portions of a drum pattern using the Trinity's step record feature.

10. Explaining Patterns (Runtime 6:45mins)
Take advantage of the Trinity's pattern feature. Use patterns to organize and arrange your songs more quickly and easily after watching this in-depth tutorial from Paul. You'll learn every function available in the patterns section, including how to create your own patterns!

11. Arranging with Patterns (Runtime 4:14mins)
In this tutorial Paul explains in detail how to place patterns in your song to quickly construct a song arrangement. You'll also get useful tips for trouble shooting and creating songs using patterns.

12. Track Parameters (Runtime 5:41mins)
In this tutorial Paul covers the settings available on the P2: Track Parameters page of the sequencer. This section controls how midi data is sent, how oscillators perform, and pitch related controls are set up.

13. Zone Assignments (Runtime 7:22mins)
Paul explains the many parameters in the P3: Zone/Ctrl page. You'll learn how to assign playable key ranges to tracks, set up velocity ranges, and set functions to the assignable performance controls.

14. Control Filters (Runtime 2:07)

15. Managing Songs in Disk Mode (Runtime 5:15mins)
It's easy to organize and save your work using the Trinity. Paul explains file extensions along with how to name and save your .SNG files in the Triton's disk mode.


Sound Editing

1. Defining Programs & Combis (Runtime 3:14mins)
In this tutorial Paul gives a concise and informative overview of how both Programs and Combis work together.

2. Play/Performance Edits (Runtime 6:39mins)
Learn the performance edits that can be made on the Play Page in Program mode.

3. Program - Basic Edits (Runtime 5:38mins)
This lesson explains the features and controls that are available on the P1: Edit - Basic page, including selecting and setting up a multisample.

4. Program - Pitch Edits 1 (Runtime 7:00mins)
Dig deep into the Pitch Edits menus! Explore the pitch mod tabs like never before. In this video you'll learn how to assign controllers and parameters that effect the programs pitch.

5. Program - Pitch EG (Envelope Generator) (Runtime 4:39mins)
The Korg Trinity has a very easy to use EG interface that allows you to control a sound or program's pitch over time. In this tutorial you'll discover features and settings that allow your programs to really take shape!

6. Program - Filter Types (Runtime 6:59mins)
Filters can make or break a sound. In this lesson you'll learn how to select and set up filters for edits in the edit-filters menu. Discover how to adjusting frequency/resonance, and set up real-time controllers.

7. Program - Filter LFO and EG Edits (Runtime 4:21mins)
Apply custom LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) settings and tweak the EG of applied filters. This section is useful for creating colorful "sweeps".

8. Program - Amp Edits (Runtime 4:59mins)
This lesson covers edits that are applied to the amplitude of a program, including level adjust, modulations, EGs and LFO settings.

9. Program - Insert Effects (Runtime 3:09mins)
Beef up the mix and add creative dynamic effects with the Trinity's insert effects processor. You'll learn selection, routing, and tweaking, along with how to bus the Triton's outputs for external effects processing.

10. Program - Master Effects/EQ (Runtime 2:56mins)
Paul explains set ups, routing, bussing, and master EQ settings that are available in the Triton.

11. Saving and Managing Programs (Runtime 5:33mins)
This is a very comprehensive lesson on saving these edits that you make to your programs. You'll learn how to edit and save to different banks. Also you'll learn how to save and load these programs as a Korg .pcg file. This is an excellent lesson for those musicians who need to constantly change their sound sets for many performances or recording set ups!