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Korg Kronos

Korg Kronos
Video Tutorial Lessons Set on USB Thumbdrive and/or Download
(e-mail us after purchase for downloads if you purchased the USB)
Total Runtime: 4:41

Digital Download Format
USB Thumbdrive

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Korg Kronos Video Tutorials

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Hours of Instruction

Minimal Requirements

Total Run Time:
4 hours, 41 minutes

1080p HD on USB Thumbdrive, plus WMV HD download when you request via email. For those that e-mail for downloads you'll get Windows Media format (.wmv) in multiple zipped files that play on Mac and Windows. The disc version of this set has been retired due to many computers no longer having disc drives.    

This tutorial set is for the Korg Kronos Workstation and gives an in-depth explanation of all of the features, menus, and controls that will bring you to a professional level. You will instantly have the knowledge to edit programs and produce your own music in a concise list of videos that total nearly 5 hours!

Video Format
Our videos are on USB Thumbdrive and Windows Media Download, so virtually any computer can play them without having to worry about NTSC/PAL formatting. For your convenience, each lesson topic is covered in its own separate video clip. This allows the user to more easily navigate, pause, start, and stop the lesson at any point.

About the Author
Paul Duffey is a video workstation author/user of 13+ years. He is also certified trainer and video content provider for other affiliates such as TechnicalLead.com.



Sound Editing
Introduction (Runtime 11:13 mins)
This is a very comprehensive video that gives an overview of both concepts modes in the Korg Kronos Workstation.

2. Loading the Demo Songs (Runtime 3:25 mins)
Learn how to quickly load the demo songs from disk mode and operate the sequencer's song list and transport controls to preview.

3. Selecting Sounds (Runtime 5:40 mins)
In this video you'll learn how to navigate to select sounds via list, bank, and category via the Combi, Set List and Prog modes.

4. Set List Functions (Runtime 9:39 mins)
Dive into programming set lists with very user friendly set list function.

5. Drum Track (Runtime 4:51 mins)
In this video Paul explains the drum track function which adds the ability to play back drum patterns for preview with Combi and Prog mode.

6. Karma in Program Mode (Runtime 6:49 mins)
Paul explains how to use and modify Karma patterns in real-time.

7. Karma Drums in Program Mode (Runtime 2:58 mins)
In this tutorial you'll learn how to use and tweak drum style GE's in Program mode.

8. Program Quick Edits (Runtime 5:19 mins)
Learn how to perform fast sound edits in the Kronos using front panel controls.

9. Exi & HD1 Sound Engines (Runtime 3:08 mins)
It's easy to get confused with the many sound engines of the Kronos. In this video Paul explains the many differences and simularities between the many sound engine types.

10. Chord Tabs (Runtime 10:16 mins)
Paul explains how to use and program chords into the chords tabs page.

11. Exi Detail Tabs Overview (Runtime 8:47 mins)
In this video Paul narrates an overview of the Exi sound engine types many different tabs and subtabs.

12. Prog Detail Edits - OSC Basics (Runtime 10:17 mins)
Take advantage of the Kronos's ability to edit every single parameter of a sound including the oscillator type.

13. Program Pitch Edits (Runtime 8:33 mins)
In this tutorial Paul explains in detail how to set up and edit pitch parameters in Program mode.

14. Program Filter Edits (Runtime 16:26 mins)
This lesson will explain how to easily edit filter parameters in Program mode.

15. Program Amp Edits (Runtime 7:24 mins)
Paul gives a detailed lesson on the Amp edits (Amplitude edits). You'll use this to change the dynamic in volume changes in a Program.

16. Program LFO Edits (Runtime 6:54 mins)
Learn how to adjust LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) parameters in Program mode.

17. Program Effects (Runtime 16:55 mins)
In this video you'll learn how to set up and change parameters in the effects tab in Program Mode.

18. Combi - Timbre Select/Mixing (Runtime 7:11 mins)
Learn how to choose and mix the up to 16 Programs that can be layered and split in Combi mode.

19. Karma Combi Controls (Runtime 6:15 mins)
This video will explain how to edit and control the up to 4 Karma modules that can be used in Combi mode.

20. Combi Drum Track(Runtime 6:15 mins)
In this lesson you'll learn how to utilize the Drum Track feature in Combi mode.

21. Combi Timbre Parameters (Runtime 7:32 mins)
Paul explains how to edit the different timbres that make up the complete "sound" in Combi mode.

22. Midi Filter & Zones(Runtime 8:06 mins)
Control what data other than note data is received with these filter edits. Also learn how to set up velocity and key zones to create splits and layers in Combi mode.

Sequence Mode Overview
(Runtime 5:42 mins)
This comprehensive video gives an overview of Seq mode, showing the "big picture" for when you'd use it and workflow.

24. Song Setups (Runtime 8:25 mins)
Learn how to use the Kronos's ability to easily set up song presets using templates and copying from Program and Combi modes.

25. Multi Record (Runtime 7:04 mins)
Paul explains how to arm multiple tracks for recording control changes and karma module playbacks.

26. Save Songs (Runtime 5:12 mins)
This lesson explains how to perform a save operation for saving songs in the sequencer using Disk mode.

27. Recording Preferences (Runtime 5:11 mins)
Learn how to set up recording preferences before recording, including replace and overdub parameters.

28. Repeat Measure/Quantize (Runtime 4:24 mins)
Discover how to easily build up repeat sections in a track using the repeate measure command from the track edits menu. In this video you'll also learn how to apply a quantize command to tighten up the note timing of a track.

29. Erase Measure (Runtime 2:45 mins)
This video explains how to use the Kronos's erase measure command in the track edit's command in order to erase notes inside a measure and still leave the actual measure.

30. Other Track Edits (Runtime 4:29 mins)
Another useful video for explaining the other track edit functions, including copy track, delete measure, shift measure, etc.

31. Create Patterns (Runtime 7:45 mins)
Learn how to create patterns by the "get from track" feature and also recording directly into an empty user pattern.

32. Put Patterns (Runtime 3:31 mins)
Paul explains how to assign and arrange patterns in a track using the put pattern command.

33. RPPR Functions (Runtime 7:35 mins)
This lesson will show you how to use the RPPR (Real-Time Pattern Playback and Record) function. You'll use this to assign the playback of patterns with the press of single keys. You'll also be able to record the notes from these triggered patterns into the tracks.

34. Record Control Changes (Runtime 3:56 mins)
One of the Kronos's most powerful features is the ability to record control changes to parameters such as filter and effects edits in real time. In this video you'll learn how to incorporate these type recorded edits into your songs to give a unique feel.

35. Audio Track Recording (Runtime 5:09 mins)
This video shows how to set up and record into the audio tracks in Seq mode. You'll use this feature to record performances from real instruments and/or a microphone.

36. Edit Audio Track (Runtime 3:17 mins)
Paul shows how to use the edit features to perform trimming and normalize operations to recorded audio tracks.


Loading Samples
(Runtime 3:42 mins)
This lesson shows how to load samples stored to the disk. You'll use this to perform extended edits to loaded audio clips not recorded directly into sample mode.

38. Multisample Assignments (Runtime 4:55 mins)
In this video you'll learn how to assign samples to multisamples and mutisample indexes in order to play back those samples with designated key range assignments

39. Truncate Sample (Runtime 2:45 mins)
Paul explains how to perform the truncate commands in order to trim off sections of audio before and after a sample.

40. Multisample to Program (Runtime 2:00 mins)
Learn this quick command in order to easily assign a created multisample to a new Program. You'll use this operation in order to use your sampled sounds as playable Programs that can be played by themselves, used in a Combi, or assigned to a track in Seq mode.

41. Other Sampling Overview (Runtime 2:44 mins)
This video shows you how to record samples in a few other methods giving an overview of some of the different sampling workflows.

42. 2ch Seq Sampling (Runtime 6:37 mins)
In this lesson you'll learn how to record you sequence recording into a single wav file. You can later use this to burn to a CD.

43. Sample Slicing (Runtime 7:27 mins)
Paul explains how to slice up a drum pattern sample to individual drum sounds in order to trigger those in new patterns or be used in a sequence.

44. Sample Mode Sampling (Runtime 5:14 mins)
This lesson explains how to record directly into sample mode, these samples can be stored in RAM and edited a few additional ways in your music production.