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Korg Micro XL & Kaossilator Pro

Korg Micro XL & Kaossilator Pro
Video Tutorial Lessons Set on USB Thumb drive or Download
(e-mail us after purchase for downloads if you purchased USB)
Total Runtime: 2:32

Digital Download Format
USB Thumdrive

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Korg Micro XL & Kaossilator Pro Videos
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Hours of Instruction

Minimal Requirements

Total Run Time:
152 minutes
Retail $39.95
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720p HD video in Mpeg2 format on USB thumb drive playable on PC & Mac. For those that e-mail for downloads you'll get 720 resolution Windows Media format (.wmv) in multiple zipped files.These also will play on Mac.

This product tutorial set is for both the Korg Micro XL and the Korg Kaossilator Pro. Korg has recently put a lot of product development into their table top line in order to boost sales in the affordable home musician and DJ sector. Realizing this, Sudosonic has for the first time paired up two of these power packed devices in one video tutorial set. If you're own one of these and are thinking of purchasing the other, or if you own both, this will be a definite must for your learning library. Our videos dig deep and explore practical and useful applications for the music creation process using both devices with each other.

Video Format
Our videos are available on Download and USB thumb drive  so virtually any computer can play them without having to worry about NTSC/PAL formatting. For your convenience, each lesson topic is covered in its own separate video clip. This allows the user to more easily navigate, pause, start, and stop the lesson at any point.

About the Author
Paul Duffey is veteran Trainer/Sound Editor of 13+ years and is a partnering founder and moderator of TritonHaven.com. He is also certified trainer and video content provider for other affiliates such as TechnicalLead.com.


1. Introduction
(Runtime 3:22 mins)
In this comprehensive tutorial Paul gives and overview of the Micro XL and explains what makes it a very capable and well priced synth.

2. Selecting Sounds (Runtime 3:29 mins)
Learn quickly how to select sounds using the control knobs and switches.

3. Quick Edits/Write Command (Runtime 7:03 mins)
In this video Paul explains how to use the quick edit knob for selecting quick parameters to edit and saving any changes made to the program.

4. Quick Filter Edits (Runtime 4:27 mins)
Paul explains how to select and modify filter edits from the quick edits controls.

5. Quick Amp Edits (Runtime 4:02 mins)
Paul shows how to select and modify amp (amplitude) edits from the quick edit controls.

6. Quick Effects Edits (Runtime 3:37 mins)

7. Quick Arp Edits (Runtime 4:45 mins)
Paul explains how to use the arpeggiator quick edits to adjust step parameters and gate time.

8. Full Edit Introduction (Runtime 5:29 mins)
This video gives an overview of how to access the full edit menus and also gives pointers on when you would use full edit over quick edits.

9. Common Edits (Runtime 5:16 mins)
In this video you'll understand the common edits (those edits in full mode that effect the entire program.

10. Knob Assignments (Runtime 2:01 mins)
This video explains how to change what parameters are being controlled with the assignable knobs for each program.

11. Unison Functions (Runtime 3:16 mins)
Learn how to quickly thicken the sound of a program using the Unison function.

12. Pitch Edits (Runtime 6:06 mins)
Paul explains how to access and edit the pitch edits in full edit mode.

13. OSC Edits (Runtime 7:43 mins)
In this video you'll learn how to adjust the oscillator edits in full edit mode, including changing wave forms.

14. Full Edit Filters (Runtime 6:13 mins)

15. Full Amp/Drive Edits (Runtime 7:38 mins)

16. EG Edits (Runtime 5:20 mins)
This explains how to edit the EG edits (Envelope Generator). These EGs will control how your sound changes over time after the key is pressed.

17. LFO/Patch Edits (Runtime 8:46 mins)
Learn how to change LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) parameters like rate and depth and route parameters from other pages to the LFO as a modulator to get effects like a police siren or tremelo.

18. EQ Edits (Runtime 3:00 mins)

19. Master Effects Edits (Runtime 4:27 mins)

20. Full Arp Edits (Runtime 8:24 mins)

21. Vocoder Full Edits (Runtime 15:50 mins)
This video gives an in-depth guide to the many parameters available to in vocoder full edit mode. You'll learn how to change carrier and modulation signals, routing, filtering, and many more.

22. Kaossilator Pro Introduction (Runtime 2:41 mins)

23. Controls and Connections (Runtime 10:58 mins)
Paul gives an overview of the connections and controls available on the Kaossilator Pro.

24. Internally Sampling (Runtime 7:08 mins)
This video explains how to record loops and samples played internally to be played back with pads A-D.

25. External Sampling (Runtime 2:42 mins)
In this video you'll learn how to record samples from external devices such as a keyboard or microphone to be played be played back with pads A-D.

26. Setting Phrase Length (Runtime 2:22 mins)
Paul explains how to determine the length of a recorded phrase based on measure length and beats.

27. Loop Edits (Runtime 2:02 mins)

28. Card Functions (Runtime 5:06 mins)
In this video you'll learn how to perform many functions that are associated with the SC card reader feature. You'll learn how to read, format, load, and save data. You'll also learn how to set up loops and samples to load everytime you boot up, a very handy feature!