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Korg Krome Video Tutorial Set

Korg Krome EX Video Tutorial Set
Video Tutorial Lessons Set on USB Thumb Drive or Download
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Total Runtime: 4:04

Digital Download Format
USB Thumbdrive


Instruction at a fraction of the cost of lessons.
Learn the Korg Krome in hours, not months!
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This tutorial set is for both the Korg Krome and Krome EX Workstation and gives an in-depth explanation of all of the features, menus, and controls that will bring you to a professional level. You will instantly have the knowledge to edit performances and record your own music in a concise list of videos that total over 4 hours!

Video Format
Our videos are on USB Thumb Drive  and/or Download format, so virtually any computer can play them without having to worry about NTSC/PAL formatting. The DVD Format of this set has been retired due to many computers not havnig a DVD Rom Drive. For your convenience, each lesson topic is covered in its own separate video clip. This allows the user to more easily navigate, pause, start, and stop the lesson at any point. We suggest the free VLC Media Player which supports proper playback for the codec used in the download versions.

About the Author
Paul Duffey is certified trainer for the last 15 + years. He is also certified trainer and video content provider for other affiliates such as TechnicalLead.com.


Video Lesson List

1. Introduction - Runtime 13:40
This is a very comprehensive video that gives an overview of the controls and capabilities of the Korg Krome, also discussing in comparisons other workstations like the Korg Kronos.

2. Selecting Sounds/Saves/Favs - Runtime 5:43
Learn how to quickly browse and select sounds (Performances) in the Krome, you'll also learn how to save once you make changes and store those to different banks.

3. Combi-First Page Controls - Runtime 9:09
Begin to understand the steps and procedures for making changes to Combi's on the first page, selecting using tracks and storing key ranges to create splits and layers.

4. Front Panel Controls- Runtime 7:26
Dive into advanced sound editing processes by utilizing the Krome's front panel knobs. This video gives you an understading of what paremeters are changing that are buried deep in the Program edit pages.

5. Screen Calibration - Runtime 1:55
In this video Paul explains the steps to peform a screen calibration to pin point accuracy.

6. Drum Track - Runtime 9:10
Paul explains how to use and adjust parameters with drum track, a unique feature to the Krome that allows you use a drum loop to audition sounds in the context of a drum beat.

7. In-depth Arp Edits - Runtime 6:37
In this tutorial you'll learn how to adjust dynamic controls for the arpeggiator that changes characteristics in the pattern.

8. Tone Adjust Tab - Runtime 5:57
Learn how to use the Krome's quick on screen controls to adjust realtime filter and other parameters to a sound that applies to Combi and Program Mode.

9. Combi-Mixer Controls/P1/P2 - Runtime 6:53
It's easy to set adjust mixer values in the Krome, explore other controller options and EQ options in Combi mode.

10. Combi-P3 Timber Parameters - Runtime 11:12
Paul explains how to adjust timber parameters in Combi mode. These features control how the assigned Programs playback and are triggered. This is also applicable to the Seq mode timber parameters.

11. Insert Effects - Runtime 7:27
In this video Paul narrates in detail the settings and steps used to accurately set up and tweak insert effects routing in the Krome.

12. Master Effects - Runtime 6:09
Follow along in this video to explore how to make edits and changes to the Master Effects section in Combi mode.

13. Program - Intro Edits - Runtime 8:11
In this video you'll get a comprehensive overview into editing sounds in Program mode.

14. Program - OSC and Pitch - Runtime 16:34
Dive deep into sub edit menus for sound editing in the Krome's Program mode. You'll learn setting up OSC basics and pitch options that greatly effect a program's sound.

15. Program - Filter 1 & 2 - Runtime 9:11
This video acts as a guide to understanding and controlling the very capable filter sections in the Krome's Program mode. A very fast and easily recognizable way to change the tonal quality of a sound.

16. Program - Filter Key Tracking - Runtime 3:20
Learn how to easily change how much filtering is applied to a sound depending how far up or down you're playing on the keys of the actual keyboard.

17. Program - Amp/EQ - Runtime 8:03
In this video Paul explains adjusting amp and EQ settings in programe mode of the Krome. You'll learn the methods in this lesson for changing how amp or "amplitude" parameters and EG's change a sound.

18. Seq - Templates/Saves - Runtime 15:56
Explore options for quickly setting up track assignments and effects in sequence mode with the copy from combi/program mode, or the song template feature. This video will also teach you how to manage and save the .sng format that Korg uses to save songs to disk.

19. Seq - Navigation Tabs Overview - Runtime 6:23
In this video Paul covers the overall functions of the 3 additional tabs on the SEQ P0 page different than on Combi P0 play page.

20. Seq - Multi Recording - Runtime 5:57
This video explains how to use the multi recording feature to record into multiple tracks at once. This is performed using the copy from combi command to set up tracks in SEQ mode.

21. Seq - Recording Single Track - Runtime 11:36
Learn how to record into a single track in real time in the Krome's sequencer.

22. Seq - Recording Set Ups - Runtime 5:49
Paul explains the different recording set ups, including overwrite, overdub, and punch in recording.

23. Seq - Erase/Delete Measure - Runtime 6:43
This lesson explains the differences between the erase measure and the delete measure command used in event editing on the Krome's sequencer.

24. Seq - Recording with Arps - Runtime 14:36
Paul explains how to quickly record using the Krome's arpeggiator to record notes into a track in sequencer mode.

25. Seq - Record Control Change - Runtime 1:30
Learn how to record real time control changes on top of recorded notes already existing in a track using the overdub feature.

26. Seq - Track Edit Operations - Runtime 7:32
Paul gives an overview of other functions available in the track edit menus. You'll use these operations to made adjustments and arrangemets in your song.

27. Seq - RPPR - Runtime 9:07
RPPR stands for Real-time Pattern Playback and Record. In this lesson you'll learn to use this feature when puts the power of recording with patterns into assigned keys on your Krome.

28. Seq - Step Recording Patterns - Runtime 6:16
The Krome actually gives you the ability to do step recording, but you can also set up steps that play patterns in a track.

29. Seq - User Patterns - Runtime 11:55
This lesson explains how to create user patterns which can be used to record, playback, and arrange with. Use the Krome's features to capture notes from a track, copy from a preset, or record in real-time into a user pattern that can then be saved with a song.

30. Seq - Cue List - Runtime 4:03
Paul explains how to and why you would use the Cue List feature in sequence mode.