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Roland FA-06/08

Roland FA-06/08
Video Tutorial Lessons Set on DVD ROM and/or Download
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Total Runtime: 2:56

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Roland FA-06/08 Videos
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Total Run Time:
2 hrs, 56 minutes

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1080p HD on USB Thumbdrive plus FLV HD download when you request via email. These play on Mac or PC.(The DVD version for this set has been retired because many laptops no longer have a disc drive)

This product tutorial set is for the Roland FA-06/08 Workstation. Roland has recently put a lot of product development into their affordable home musician and DJ sector. If you're own the FA-06/08 or are thinking of purchasing one, this is a definite must for your learning library. Our videos dig deep and explore practical and useful applications for the music creation process.

Video Format
These videos are available on Download and USB Thumbdrive so virtually any computer can play them without having to worry about NTSC/PAL formatting. For your convenience, each lesson topic is covered in its own separate video clip. This allows the user to more easily navigate, pause, start, and stop the lesson at any point.

About the Author
Paul Duffey is veteran Trainer/Sound Editor of 13+ years and is a partnering founder and moderator of TritonHaven.com. He is also certified trainer and video content provider for other affiliates such as TechnicalLead.com.


1. Introduction
(Runtime 12:26 mins)
In this comprehensive tutorial Paul gives and overview of the FA-06/08 and explains what makes it a very capable and well priced workstation.

2. Navigating Sounds (Runtime 08:03 mins)
Learn quickly an overview of how to browse and select different sounds in the FA-06/08.

3. Splits and Duals(Layers) (Runtime 7:54 mins)
In this video Paul explains how to create and modify splits and duals.

4. Quick Edits (Runtime 11:19 mins)
Paul explains how to perform quick edits to sounds via the front panel knobs.

5. Write Command (Runtime 4:15 mins)
Paul shows how to store and save changes in sounds to be written into memory.

6. Tone Edit Overview (Runtime 17:01 mins)
In this video you'll get an overview of the tone editing menus in the FA-06/08.

7. Pro Edits (Runtime 19:37 mins)
In this video Paul goes deep into tone edit and show you how to edit using the Pro Edit screens.

8. Effects (Runtime 8:35 mins)
This video gives a lesson on effects editing and routing options in the FA-06/08.

9. Sequencing Overview (Runtime 6:22 mins)
In this video you'll be given an overview of squencing, this broad lesson will give you a better understanding of song creation.

10. Song Setups (Runtime 7:07 mins)
This video explains how to perform quick song setups in order to get you started in creating a sequence using the FA-06/08.

11. Rythm Record (Runtime 6:48 mins)
Learn how to quickly add drum tracks to a song using notes from a rythm pattern.

12. Song Write/Arp Record (Runtime 5:39 mins)
Paul explains how to save songs and also record basslines using the built in Arpeggiator.

13. Realtime Record (Runtime 5:26 mins)
In this video you'll learn how to perform realtime recording into the FA-06/08's sequencer.

14. Track Modify - Erase, Delete, Copy (Runtime 9:35 mins)
Paul explains how to perform some event edit commands in order to arrange measures in your song.

15. Other Track Modify Commands (Runtime 4:51 mins)
In this lesson you'll get an understanding of some of the other less often used track edits.

16. Playing and Managing Samples (Runtime 4:51 mins)
This video explains how to play back samples using the sample pad as well as managing samples using the sub menus.

17. Sample Edits (Runtime 11:47 mins)
Learn how to change playback parameters to samples in the FA-06/08.

18. Record Samples/Trigger Samples(Runtime 3:35 mins)
Paul explains how to record sample triggers for integration of playback of samples into a song.

19. Import Sample (Runtime 6:39 mins)
In this lesson you'll learn how to import samples from and SD card using the SD card slot on the back panel of the FA-06/08.

20. Recording Samples (Runtime 10:33 mins)
This video shows how to use the sampler to record your own samples.

21. Arpeggiator (Runtime 4:11 mins)
Paul explains how to select and modify arpeggio playback in the FA-06/08's Arpeggiator.